Black Flowers

In Post Apocalyptic North America one family fights for survival.

Black Flowers is a sci-fi action drama set two years in the future after a major nuclear war has destroyed civilization on Earth as we know it. A mother and daughter struggle to survive this cruel new world and embark upon a perilous journey through a mutating, radioactive wilderness as they battle lawless scavengers, deviants and worse in their quest to build a better world.

The Gatehouse

Jack winter, a struggling writer lives with his 10yr old daughter Eternity in an old Gatehouse on the edge of an ancient wood. A new commission for Jack coincides with the discovery of a strange object buried in the woods dug up by Eternity. What follows is a dangerous battle to save themselves and future generations from an ancient force from a forgotten world. Format: Feature Film (100 mins) Genre: Gothic horror/Thriller/kitchen sink weirdness Concept: A horror film for kids. Producer: Clare Pearce Director & Writer: Martin Gooch

Deathtrap Dungeon



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Harry Potter is done. The Lord of the Rings is finished. The Hobbit is in the cinemas. Narnia has been filmed many times, Oz is having a re-make, Wonderland has been Tim Burton’d and the Hunger Games is breaking box office records. Which fantasy world is left to explore? Fighting Fantasy is it. And of the 60 books many cite Deathtrap Dungeon as the best of all.

Deathtrap Dungeon is a live action feature film, based on the best-selling book of the same title by Ian Livingstone CBE, OBE, BAFTA-winning author and cofounder of iconic games companies Games Workshop and Eidos Interactive. A completed, developed 4th Draft screenplay is available.

Deathtrap Dungeon was first publishesd in 1984 and was the 6th book in the original Fighting Fantasy Series (including The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) which have sold in excess of 17 million copies in 30 languages since their launch in 1982. With a new title just released, Blood of the Zombies, the brand is still strong today.

This is the very first screenplay based on the franchise. There are already iphone apps for Deathtrap Dungeon, and many of the Fighting Fantasy books.

Alice On Mars

Alice on Mars Promo from martin gooch on Vimeo.

Alice on Mars the Movie is based on the fantastic illustrated book by British Author Robert Rankin! Alice has only had two adventures in 150 years, one in Wonderland and one through the looking Glass, we thought it was time she had another – on Mars in glorious Martian-o-vision!

The Search For Simon

David has spent years traveling the UK and the world, funded by a small but fortuitous lottery win, to visit people who claimed to have been abducted or had a close encounter, he has a website and Face-book group where he asks people to help in his quest, they upload video interviews they have done for him.

He has met and interviewed respected scientists, and members of the public who have ‘come into contact’ with Aliens or even been abducted themselves.

David is convinced he is onto something.

His mother has given up hope that David will ever get a proper job – or heaven forbid – find a girl and settle down, but point blank refuses to talk about the loss of her other son Simon.

Every week David goes to the local pub (to either play war-games or be in a pub quiz). His fellow pub friends are totally bored of his UFO obsession, however Sally, a girl he met at the ‘Failed Suicide club’ really likes him, though David is oblivious to her advances, and being somewhat shy – she isn’t getting very far.

David wont listen to anyone talk about the possibility that Simon just died, or is dead – because listening means he’s wasted his whole life.

Runtime: 96mins ▪ Country: UK ▪ Language: English ▪ Year: 2013

Death The Movie

Death is a feature length mysterious comedy drama film.

Following the death of their last remaining parent, their dad, two brothers and two sisters have to return to the family home, after many years to face each other, face the future.

And most importantly  face the past…