Death The Movie

Death is a feature length mysterious comedy drama film.

Following the death of their last remaining parent, their dad, two brothers and two sisters have to return to the family home, after many years to face each other, face the future.

And most importantly  face the past…


This is a story about the things people will do for love.
And for guilt.
They are easy to confuse.

Genre: A mysterious comedy drama.

Tagline:  Love and guilt are easy to confuse.

Concept: The Others meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind . An Indy film, for fans of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie, Truly Madly Deeply and lovers of all that is Gothic.

This is a story about a weird house and the weird family, two parents, two boys and two girls, who grew up there. It’s a large, beautiful, but run down country house with acres of land.

Their Dad – James Jones, was an inventor. He invented something that made him a lot of money, so he bought a big house and had a big family. Unfortunately, although he invented many more things, nothing ever made any money after the first big payoff. His inventions became more and more weird and imaginative, but he just couldn’t get it right, and things began to go wrong…

Now, seven years later, Mum’s long gone, Dad’s dead and Eloise, Yossarian (Dad was a big Joseph Heller fan), Tom and Suki are back in the house where everything started. They’ve got to work together to bury old hatchets, sort things out and move on. Only there are a few problems. They don’t get on and no-one can find the key to Dad’s laboratory – what was he working on when he died? There’s a strange feeling in the house, static electricity was one explanation, but it seems odd.

They inspect Dad’s bi-plane, his pride and joy, only to find it in a dismal state, dusty and unused.  Clearly Dad had been spending his time on something else.

Dad’s brother Uncle Simon turns up, he knows that Dad was using something incredibly expensive in his experiments. He seems very keen to get in to Dad’s Lab…

Yossarian doesn’t want to be there as the daytime TV presenter awards are on tomorrow night, he’s up for an award, and has a hot date with the fame obsessed Donna, who’d give any footballers wife a run for her money.

Suki, the eldest girl, doesn’t want to be there either, she’s come back from holiday to help sort everything out. She thinks she saw a ghost in the grounds, but doesn’t want to tell her husband, Colin, who’s abnormally sensitive to the paranormal.

Then the solicitor turns up to inform them that Dad owes £200,000 and the bank is going to take the house. It is to be demolished. Eloise doesn’t want the house to be sold – she believes it would be the end of her world.

Then they find the key to Dad’s lab; it’s been hanging on the Special Tree where they used to play, and they discover something in the lab that will change their lives forever…

The family must now work together to solve the mystery of their Dad’s death and the death of their brother Tom.

But what of Donna? And what is Uncle Simon up to? And what is in the black box Yossarian is so keen to keep hidden? It all ends in an apocalyptic finale that we guarantee no one saw coming…

The Cast

Claira Watson Parr ... Eloise Jones

Ben Shockley ... Yossarian Jones

Jonathan Hansler ... Colin Smith

Nicola Goodchild ... Suki Smith

David Wayman ... Tom Jones

Linal Haft ... Uncle Simon