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Harry Potter is done. The Lord of the Rings is finished. The Hobbit is in the cinemas. Narnia has been filmed many times, Oz is having a re-make, Wonderland has been Tim Burton’d and the Hunger Games is breaking box office records. Which fantasy world is left to explore? Fighting Fantasy is it. And of the 60 books many cite Deathtrap Dungeon as the best of all.

Deathtrap Dungeon is a live action feature film, based on the best-selling book of the same title by Ian Livingstone CBE, OBE, BAFTA-winning author and cofounder of iconic games companies Games Workshop and Eidos Interactive. A completed, developed 4th Draft screenplay is available.

Deathtrap Dungeon was first publishesd in 1984 and was the 6th book in the original Fighting Fantasy Series (including The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) which have sold in excess of 17 million copies in 30 languages since their launch in 1982. With a new title just released, Blood of the Zombies, the brand is still strong today.

This is the very first screenplay based on the franchise. There are already iphone apps for Deathtrap Dungeon, and many of the Fighting Fantasy books.


Short Synopsis

Deathtrap Dungeon is a moral dilemma set in a fantasy world. A fabulous prize is on offer to a brave adventurer who is daring enough to enter the Deathtrap Dungeon and come out the other side – alive. The rules of the Dungeon say there can be only one survivor – one winner, and this year there are seven entrants! Who will kill who? Will anyone survive?

The problem is, nobody can get through without help and there can only be one winner. So when and where will the contestants end their alliances? And what happens if a love interest starts between two of them. Will they still fight or will love break all the rules? It’s going to be a fight to the death… or is it?


Every year in the city of Fang, Baron Sukumvit opens his Deathtrap Dungeon to brave contestants. He has built a labyrinth riddled with fiendish traps and hideous creatures to trick and test anyone who enters! Over the years countless adventurers have taken up the challenge to take The Walk of Deathtrap Dungeon. A survivor will win 10,000 pieces of gold. But no one ever has.

The Baron’s brother Lord Carnuss is determined to win this year. To this end, he kidnaps a group of likely-looking fighters and trains them mercilessly in an arena of death on Blood Island. The survivors of Blood Island are Anvar Braxus (our hero) a tough, lightning-fast adventurer, and Lissamina DiMaggio a stunning, but headstrong and selfish half-elf. Carnuss sends them into Deathtrap Dungeon – probably to their death – or for riches and freedom if they survive…

Once in the dungeon, Anvar and Lissamina will need to use every ounce of their cunning to survive. It’s a dark and dangerous labyrinth with death at every turn. It is populated with hideous creatures, undead and other unspeakable fiends. Deadly traps litter the passageways. And then there are the other contestants…

The tricks and traps will challenge their minds as well as their bodies. As they fight their way together through the dungeon they forge a strong bond, built on something more than just comradeship. They both know that ultimately they will have to face their terrible moral dilemma. Only one person can win. Only one person can leave the dungeon. Who will it be? Anvar? Lissamina? Neither?


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Key Characters

Anvar Braxus

Ian Livingstone wrote a series of fictional novels (not games books) set in Allansia. One of them the Trolltooth wars had a mercenary called Anvar. He also wrote a book called Casket of souls, which had an adventurer called Braxus. They could have been the same character so I put them together and created Anvar Braxus. He is an adventurer/mercenary who has clearly seen combat.

Lissamina DiMaggio

Allansia is clearly not Earth, so it was an excellent opportunity to make one of the leads a non-human. And not only are Elves very popular but are known for their beauty, so it made sense to have a Half Elf, which hints at a strange awkward childhood – a half caste or outcast.

Lissamina’s father was Eric DiMaggio. This is a character alluded to in the very first fighting fantasy games book The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. He was a dragon slayer and invented a spell to halt dragon fire. This is a key element in the original WOFTM book. In this screenplay I have used this to indicate that Lissamina comes from a family that has some understanding of magic.

There is no mention of Lissamina’s mother. My original take was that she has an Elven mother. After being born, her mother met an untimely death and DiMaggio adopted her.

Eventually Lissamina went to study under the great wizard Yaztromo, who is the main character of the Forest of Doom book, also set in Allansia. To the south east of Fang. She studied for a while but was not a gifted magician. By this time her father was dead and she was alone in the world. Not welcome in Elvish forests and looked upon with wary eyes in human habitation.


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