Martin Gooch, Director

Writer / Showrunner


In 2011 Martin Set up his own production company, GOTHIC MANOR, which as of 2024, has made 6 feature films, two feature-length live music performances, loads of short films, web series, and music videos.

Gothic Manor has also licensed several IPs and has numerous screenplays for TV and Film in various stages of development.



Gothic Manor's latest production is a swashbuckling epic TV series.

Feature Films

Feature Length Music Films

A Night of a Thousand Vampires – The Damned (2022) This Happened: Claudia Brucken Live at the Scala (2012)

Music Films

Claudia Brucken – “Thank You”

Brooke R Calder (AKA Lolly Pop) – “Everybody Loves Dancing”

The Darkadelic Trilogy – The Damned

  • The Invisible Man
  • Beware of the Clown
  • You’re Gonna Realise

Web Series

Sally (2019)
Dawns Demons (2024/2025)

Short Films

Kafka’s Appraisal
Death Loves Her Raven
At The Cheap End
A Midwinter Night’s Dream
Popping Round
My Grandad Says He’s Building a spaceship in His Shed
The Actress Who Fell in Love With Herself
The Gravity of Belief
Don;t Evcen Think it
Eddie’s Sticky End
Arthur’s Amazing Things
The Orgasm Ray Gun