The Search for Simon (Screenplay & Notes)

The Search for Simon is a sci-fi comedy movie and is the second feature film from Martin Gooch, multi award winning director of After Death (AKA DEATH). This is the screenplay with the original notes for the actors and writers, and the original script report. The Search for Simon is a story of love, loss, obsession and alien abduction. Thirty years ago David Jones' younger brother Simon disappeared without trace and has never been seen since. David is still looking. This is THE SEARCH FOR SIMON. A very British Sci Fi Comedy, starring Carol Cleveland (Monty Python), Lucy Clements (ABC of DEATH), Tom Price (Torchwood) Sophie Aldred (Dr. Who), Simon Jones (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) and Chase Masterson (Star Trek Deep space 9). If you are a film maker and want to find out how to make and write movies then this is PERFECT for you.


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