Martin Gooch

Writer / Director

Future Productions

GENRE: Fantasy Adventure

Alice in Wonderland meets Flash Gordon meets The War of the Worlds.

Merciless Martians and Jack the Ripper plot humanity’s destruction, but they’ll need Alice from Wonderland to play her part if they’re to succeed in this Victorian Sci-Fi Comedy full of music and mix-ups. However Alice has other ideas with her eye on the role of the all-powerful Gold Queen. 

Alice on Mars

She’s been to Wonderland, She’s been though the looking glass and now she’s going to Mars!

Alice (of Wonderland) is one of the world’s most popular fictional characters with books sales in the hundreds of millions, and still in print since 1865! Now, after 150 years, it’s time for a new story. Based on the novella, by New York Times Best-Selling author Robert Rankin, Alice on Mars will be a visually stunning, exciting and compelling space opera encompassing the entire galaxy! Not a re-boot but a reinvention: Alice on Mars is the film to launch a series or franchise in the style of Buffy The Vampire Slayer or even Doctor Who!

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